Askar 71F Flat-field 自平場攝星鏡現已上架 Askar 71F Flat-field Astrograph Now Available on eshop

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星河科研社為銳星光學Sharpstar / Askar的香港獨家總代理,Askar 71F 自平場攝星鏡定價HK$3980,現已於eshop上架。
Galaxy Scientific Group is Hong Kong sole dealer of Sharpstar and Askar. The Askar 71F Flat-field Astrograph is priced at HK$3980 and is now available on eshop. 

Askar 71F是一款多用途自平場攝星鏡,口徑為71mm,焦距為490mm,原生焦比F6.9的天體攝星鏡。71F本體僅2.5kg,含抱箍及燕尾板的整體重量為3kg。標配攝影延長管、2.4吋齒輪齒條式雙速調焦器及三款1.25吋目視配件:8mm目鏡、20mm目鏡和45度正像棱鏡。
Askar 71F is an affordable and high-quality versatile self-flattened Astrograph with an aperture of 71mm, a focal length of 490mm, and a native focal ratio of F6.9.  It weighs only 2.5kg and the gross weight is 3kg (including the tube rings and dovetail plate). Including a photographic extension tube, a dual-speed R&P 2.4-inch rigid focuser and three observation accessories: an 8mm eyepiece, a 20mm eyepiece, and a 1.25-inch 45° erecting prism.

Askar 71F四片式鏡片組合包含一片ED玻璃,有效減少色差。支援全片幅拍攝,週邊星點品質優異。自平場設計讓使用者無需購買平場鏡及計算平場鏡的後截距。Askar 71F攝影延長管內含2吋濾鏡螺紋,有M48*0.75以及M54*0.75規格的接環,可直接連接傳統單眼相機或專業天文相機。只需直接接上任意成像配件,合焦後就是最佳的拍攝狀態。
The Askar 71F adopts a quadruplet air-spaced APO lens design, including one piece of ED glass to reduce chromatic aberration. It supports 44mm full-frame imaging with great performance of the surrounding star points.The self-flattened design allows users to avoid calculating the back focus and buying additional flatteners. The Askar 71F extension tube includes a 2-inch filter thread and comes with M48*0.75 and M54*0.75 adapter rings, allowing direct connection to traditional DSLR cameras or professional astronomical cameras. Simply attach any imaging accessory, and once focused, you are in the optimal shooting state.
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