ZWO Seestar S50 M42 Orion Nebula 獵戶座大星雲

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回想2010年同樣的11月份,我在石澳裝起近8萬元的APM-LZOS (TMB) 105/650APO折射鏡加Hutech Mod Canon 5D Mark II相機及IDAS LPS濾鏡,以HEQ5 Pro赤道儀配合LVI自動導星器10分鐘曝光,拍出來也就大概這樣子,只是解像度略高丁點而已。
2023-11-05 03:17 攝於星河科研社新界西基地
Taken this morning when the Orion Nebula passed through the zenith. Due to good weather conditions, this image was captured by Seestar with just a 10-minute exposure using the built-in LP filter. No additional third-party accessories were used. I believe any beginner astronomy enthusiast would be satisfied.
Looking back to November 2010, during the same month, I captured a similar image using an APM-LZOS (TMB) 105/650 APO refractor telescope, Hutech Mod Canon 5D Mark II camera, and IDAS LPS filter, with a 10-minute exposure on an HEQ5 Pro equatorial mount with LVI autoguider. The result was similar, with just slightly higher resolution.
Taken on November 5, 2023, at 03:17, at the Xinghe Research Society's New Territories West Base.
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