One Year Anniversary of being launched

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星河科研社一直專注對政府、科研及教育機構的天文技術項目、儀器銷售及教育體驗活動。最近開始強化對個人方面的工作,感謝廣大地區客戶支持,網店 自去年10月1日上架後,至今收到遍佈多洲各國的訂單,我們會繼續努力。

Galaxy Scientific Group has been focusing on astronomical technical projects, equipment sales, and educational or edu-tainment activities for government, scientific research, and educational institutions. Recently, we have started to enhance our efforts in serving individuals. We are grateful for the support of our customers in different regions. Since the launch of our online store on October 1st of last year, we have received orders from various countries across multiple continents. We will continue to strive for excellence.
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