Solar Imaging ZWO Seestar S50 拍太陽

分類: 觀測報告 Observations, 器材情報 Equipment
This morning was cloudy, but there was a brief moment of sunshine. When I returned to the office, I parked the car and spent a minute or two setting up the Seestar at the rear of the car to photograph the sun. I didn't readjust the focus and used the same focus as when I was shooting stars the other night, but the image is still very clear. The advantage of this telescope is that it's very easy to set up, there's absolutely no stress, so I take it with me every day and every night to shoot everywhere, as a result, the volume of images has greatly increased, so there is indeed a lot of room for imagination. The next batch of Seestar will be shipped at the end of the month and can be delivered to some of the enthusiasts who ordered recently.
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