When Askar ACL200 Meets Celestron EdgeHD 14

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當Askar ACL200遇上Celestron EdgeHD 14 

為基地的Celestron EdgeHD 14加了一台Askar ACL200深空攝星鏡,亦可以為電子尋星鏡之用。圖中組合包括,
The Celestron EdgeHD 14 at New Territories West base has been equipped with an Askar ACL200 astrograph, which can also be used as electronic finderscope. The combo shown in the picture includes,

Askar ACL200 with AF kit
ZWO ASI2600MC Duo Camera
M54 filter chamber & 3" dovetail clamp

Askar ACL200 為一台修正度極高而光圈達f/4的深空攝星鏡,Astrobin上有大量參考照片,
Askar ACL200 is a fast and highly corrected astrograph at f/4. There are numerous reference photos on Astrobin, 

Galaxy Scientific Group is the Hong Kong distributor of many international brands such as Celestron, Askar, Sharpstar etc.

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