Celestron RASA 8 & ZWO ASIAIR Plus 256G 到貨及Celestron EdgeHD 9.25 & 11 鏡筒現接受預訂

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Celestron RASA 8 跟 ZWO ASIAIR Plus 256G已到貨,而RASA 8 的5%回贈預售優惠已到期,僅餘最後極少量現貨。Celestron RASA 8已斷貨接近2年,這批到貨前已被預訂到剩餘幾支,再訂貨也預計會斷市幾個月。若想趕上接下來的攝星季節,有興趣的天文愛好者可在eshop或火炭門市購買現貨。數量有限,售完即止。

Celestron RASA 8 and ZWO ASIAIR Plus 256G have arrived, and the RASA 8 pre-order offer has expired, with a limited number of units in stock. Interested enthusiasts who want to catch up with the upcoming stargazing seasons can purchase at the eshop or Fo Tan Studio, while stocks last.

而Celestron EdgeHD 9.25及EdgeHD 11預計可於6月上旬交付,現開始接受預訂,售完即止。定價分別為HK$23800及HK$34800,客人須先付10%訂金,貨到後2星期內支付尾數。現於eshop下訂享有預售優惠,支付尾數及收貨後會有5%回贈到eshop銀包,可於1年內用作購買器材、參加活動、支付運費等。VIP更享有額外優惠,優惠價可登入賬號查看,港澳地區客戶享免運費優惠。註若交付時間因廠方延誤1個月或以上則可選擇退還訂金或繼續等候到貨。到貨後必須於兩星期內支付尾數,否則會取消訂單及不退還訂金,除此以外不接受任何原因退款。

The Celestron EdgeHD 9.25 and EdgeHD 11 estimated to arrive in early June and are now available for pre-order while stocks last. Pricing is HK$23,800 and HK$34,800 respectively, a 10% non-refundable deposit is required, with the balance due within 2 weeks upon arrival. We now offer an eshop special pre-order offer: A 5% rebate will be given to your eshop wallet after the settling the balance and receiving the product, which can be used to purchase equipments, activities, freight costs, etc. within 1 year. VIPs will receive an additional discount, which can be viewed by logging into your account, while customers in Hong Kong and Macau can enjoy free shipping. 
Note: If the delivery time is delayed by 1 month or more, you can choose to return the deposit or continue waiting for the RASA 8 to arrive. The balance of the order must be settled within 2 weeks of arrival, otherwise the order will be cancelled and the deposit will not be refunded, no refunds will be accepted for any other reasons.

ZWO ASIAIR Plus 256G早鳥優惠價將於2023年4月30日截止;而預訂ZWO ASI2600MC DUO 天文相機及ZWO FF65、FF80、FF107、FF130 APO折射式攝星鏡的早鳥優惠將延長至2023年5月31日截止,預訂產品約於5月上旬出貨。詳情可留意稍早前的公告:

Early-Bird Offer for ZWO ASIAIR Plus 256G will expire on 30 April 2023, while offer for ZWO ASI2600MC DUO astronomical camera and ZWO FF65, FF80, FF107, FF130 APO refractor will be extended to 31 May 2023, estimated to be ship out in early May. For details, please refer to the earlier announcement.

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