VIP discount 價格全面更新完畢

分類: 市場訊息 Market update
eshop VIP價格已全面更新完畢。為由2020年1月1日起在星河科研社(線上及線下)累計總購買額達港幣3萬元即可聯絡我們免費升級至高級會員,我們有權要求查看單據、通話記錄、電郵記錄核實。會員登入eshop可查看不同產品優惠、VIP限定商品及活動。
Our eshop VIP pricing has been fully updated. Please message us to free upgrade your account to privilege member when your total purchase online or offline from Galaxy Scientific Group since Jan 2020 is over HK$30,000. Members can log in to the eshop to view different product discounts, exclusive item and events.
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