Askar 65PHQ折射式攝星鏡及65PHQ 0.75x減焦鏡到貨

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星河科研社為銳星光學Sharpstar / Askar的香港獨家總代理,Askar新推出的65PHQ折射式攝星鏡及Askar 0.75x Full-Frame Reducer for 65PHQ減焦鏡已到貨並於eshop上架。

Galaxy Scientific Group is Hong Kong sole dealer of Sharpstar and Askar. The new Askar 65PHQ Refracting astrograph and Askar 0.75x Full-Frame Reducer for 65PHQ are now in stock and available on the eshop.

Askar 65PHQ折射式攝星鏡,定價HK$7780。
Askar 65PHQ Refracting astrograph,  priced at HK$7780.

Askar 0.75x Full-Frame Reducer for 65PHQ 減焦鏡,定價HK$1780。
Askar 0.75x Full-Frame Reducer for 65PHQ, priced at HK$1780.


65PHQ has a net weight of 2kg and a standard weight of 2.8kg. It has a focal ratio of f/6.4 and a focal length of 416mm and covers full-frame cameras. Astronomy enthusiasts do not need to calculate the back stop of the flat field lens or buy additional rings, just attach it directly to the camera and focus it for the best shot. It has a focal ratio of f/6.4 and a focal length of 416mm, supporting the full-frame camera. There is no need for buying extra flatteners or calculating the back focus of the flattener, just simply equip it with any possible imaging accessories, make the target stay at the focus, and then the whole optical system is perfect for imaging.

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