Celestron EdgeHD 14" & Sky-Watcher EQ8-R Pro

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等了一年,昨天剛到的EdgeHD14,已做了光學檢測,裝上全新的EQ8-R Pro赤道儀,簡單一下動一下,準備週六晚的星河科研社會友觀星實習。可能鏡筒比較粗知,所以雖然自己一個人能裝起來,但感覺自己那台更重一載的APM-LZOS 203 f/7 APO 折射鏡 + Paramount ME赤道儀還要容易安裝一點。這鏡只是第一步,下月還有月面行星優化的訂製40公分口徑f/10 RC、Sky-Watcher 50公分Dob GOTO,以及一台更大得多的在推進中,以支援日後的各項天文活動,各位星河會友敬請密切留意。
After waiting for a year, the EdgeHD14 just arrived yesterday has been optically inspected, then mounted onto a brand-new EQ8-R Pro equatorial mount for a brief test, to prepare for the star-gazing practice of for Galaxy fans on Saturday night. Maybe because the optical tube is larger and shorter, although I can still install it by myself, but my heavier APM-LZOS 203 f/7 APO refractor + Paramount ME equatorial mount was a little easier to install. This telescope is just the first step, next month there will be a lunar and planetary optimized custom-made 40cm f/10 RC from Europe, a Sky-Watcher 50cm Dob GOTO, and a much larger one in progress, all for support different coming astronomy programs, Galaxy fans please stay tuned.
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