Celestron RASA 36 and EdgeHD 14"


Celestron RASA 36 是口徑355mm f/2.2,焦距790mm的攝星鏡,成像圈達60mm。

Celestron EdgeHD 14 是口徑355mm f/11,焦距3910mm的目視及攝影鏡,可以用原生f/11、減焦鏡後的f/7或配合Hyperstar後的f/2拍攝 https://eshop.astro.hk/hk/catalogs/lists?sfor=default&sfna=Hyperstar。今天收到後特別以專用器材以1000倍檢測,確定光學修正度一如理想。

The two Celestron telescopes which have been waiting for more than a year are finally delivered today and will be put into operation soon.

The Celestron RASA 36 is a 355mm f/2.2 astrophotograph with a 790mm focal length and a 60mm image circle.

The Celestron EdgeHD 14 is a 355mm f/11 visual and photographic telescopes with a focal length of 3910mm. It can be used to shoot at native f/11, f/7 with a reducer, or f/2 with Hyperstar  https://eshop.astro.hk/hk/catalogs/lists?sfor=default&sfna=Hyperstar . After I received it today, I specially tested it at 1000x magnifications with special equipment to confirm that the optical correction is as ideal.

Galaxy Scientific Group is the sole dealer of Celestron in Hong Kong  https://eshop.astro.hk/hk/catalogs/lists?sft=328041ea-ed18-4010-bc1f-d47e8d89f987&sfor=default
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